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We are 30 minutes drive from Florence.

Located in the heart of Chianti.

1 hour from Siena, San  Giminiano and Monteriggioni.

Itinerary Planning

 @ All Right Reserved 2019 | Sito web realizzato da Flazio experience

 @ All Right Reserved 2019 | Sito web realizzato da Flazio experience

Villa Poggio di Gaville offers not only ample opportunity for rest and relaxation but also various types of activities both on the grounds of the Villa and in the nearby vicinity.

What to do near Villa Poggio di Gaville

Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature by walking along paths leading to the nearby Santa Barbara lake where you can fish in the summer and even learn to sail. Hire mountain bikes, go horse-riding, play tennis in Figline Valdarno, play golf at the Ugolino Golf club and go paragliding or hot-air ballooning in San Giovanni. Shop to your heart's content and renew your wardrobe in some of Italy's best designer Outlets nearby. We can also organize mini-bus excursions with a guide to the main Tuscan cities where you can partake in wine, oil, cheese and salami tasting. 

Villa Poggio di Gaville is situated very strategically in the heart of Tuscany within easy reach of Florence, Arezzo, Siena, Greve in Chianti, Cavriglia Park, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Volterra.


Main attractions close to the villa

Firenze, The Chianti Region, The Wine Museum in Greve in Chianti, The Mall, Sting's Home, The famous Roman Church of Gaville, The Museum of Agricultural Art | Photogallery, Lake San Cipriano



Le Balze of


da Vinci

The Balze of Valdarno are reliefs of stratified debris composed of sand, clay, pebbles and gravel, formed by erosion following the drying up of a lake that covered the area two million years ago and shaped by atmospheric agents. They are the most characteristic element of the Valdarno Superiore landscape, halfway between Florence and Arezzo. The first who noticed their peculiarity was Leonardo da Vinci as evidenced by his manuscripts collected in the Hammer Code or Leicester Code.

A window on the Chianti Classico 


The winery overlooks the countryside from a terrace surrounded by vineyards planted with Chianti Classico’s most typical grape, Sangiovese, together with other varieties that were historically planted nearby:  Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera, and Mammolo. A small area is dedicated to international vines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.



Innovative architecture 

The Antinori nel Chianti Classico winery is part of Toscana Wine Architecture, an association that unites unique and original wineries designed by famous contemporary architect


Sports Holiday

A holiday that regenerates the mind and body.

At Villa Poggio di Gaville you will have plenty of time to relax e and indulge in your passions, doing healthy exercise and making the most of your holiday in Tuscany.
We offer many opportunities for enjoyment and outdoor sports, immersed in the beautiful nature that surround us. You can hike around the Balze, rent a BIKE or book a session of SUP at lake s.cipriano.
We provide sport facilities and relaxing areas for that well-deserved rest and there are many hiking trails to explore and discover the wonders of our region.




You will all remember the tale of the Standardbred horses sequestrated in Trequanda last May, saved from starving to death after their owner suffered a financial setback.

21 horses arrived at our center, causing huge and easily understandable management problems. First of all, there was the financial side, since, after a small contribution from the ANACT and the Siena Attorney, we had to cover all the costs to feed and care for these animals. Then there was the behavioral side: 12 of these horses were short yearlings terrified by human presence, perhaps because no one had ever bothered to approach them in a natural way; perhaps because of the “not very nice” methods used to load them on the vans during the sequestration.


Thanks to IHP and our staff’s patient, constant work, all of these horses have been put back in shape and have become easy to handle and trustful. Then, little by little, we found new families for them, wonderful people who decided to take care of their future by adopting them.


So goodbye guys, may you have a long and happy life all together… and away from the racing world!


Stay with us and simply enjoy the company of our wild horses!








& Horsewatching

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Horsemanship is learning the balance of making the right things easy and the wrong things hard by rewarding, not punishing.

Horsemanship is realizing that to truly connect with a horse, you have to put forth the effort to understand why it is doing what it is doing. Figure out why they are doing something and being able to figure out how to get to understand our language or the signals we use to communicate with them.


Horsemanship is knowing every bump and bruise on your horse's body. Horsemanship is developing a sixth sense for these animals you have spent so much time around, that you are able to tell if something is just a little bit off with them.

Samar Morning

Energy Ritual


To boost your day you can join the morning ritual class or a vinyasa yoga session held by Samira Amin.


Visit her blog or instagram page to get more inf0 (click the button below::) 







Increased Physical Energy 

Tone up your body

Better Mental Awareness 

Greater Self-Discipline

The right energy to start your day!




Held by Samira Amin:
Born in Fiesole (Florence), half- German half- Palestinian. Samira started her career as Human Resources Assistant Director at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Milan. Specialized in Global recruitment, she has a passion for helping others in enhancing their talent.

Inspired to find a balance between soul and body, she created the Samar Ritual to start the day in a better way - a soft blend between Buti Yoga and Afro Dance. 


Visit her blog and instagram page #Samarmood (click the button to visit her profile)


Choose your Hairstyle


Spoil yourself.

Try to dare.


Trust our hairstylist and try a new look for a special romantic night.

She will adapt the blow-out depending on your mood and personality!

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Truffle hunting


You will enjoy hiking through vineyards and woods, having fun hunting truffles with trained dogs.

You will discover the main features and secrets of truffle and then enjoy it for lunch


The Ayurvedic Massage

An ancient practice that promotes the rebalancing  of body and mind, therefore health and longevity.


Enjoy a massage with our holistic operator.



Visit our Beehives


This activity is ideal for all bee LOVERS and helps raising awareness of the protection of this species. 


The experience starts with visiting the hives, continues with the honey extraction process and ends with a tasting of different tipy combined with various types of Pecorino cheese.



Cheese factory


Visiting a cheese factory is a real journey to discover Pecorino which for almost a thousand years has been produced with only 3 natural ingredients: milk, salt and rennet. You will attend all stages of milk processing, from cooking to putting the curd in mold, up to salting.

You will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes the maturing warehouses where the wheels rest.

You cannot leave a cheese factory without tasting! After the visit you will taste and discover the differences between the different seasonings!


Photo shooting 

Villa Poggio di Gaville, with its multicultural soul it will lull you into a thousand and one nights dimension.

You'll just have to keep daydreaming, we'll take care of the rest! Everything you need for a perfect photo shoot in the heart of Chianti:

Exclusive use of the villa Possibility of overnight stay

Personalized menu for light lunches / dinners

Choice of local wines

Makeup and hairstyling for models/models

Photographer and video maker


Dolce vita tour


A "Dolce Vita" style tour with a vintage FIAT 500 iconic car, a unique driving experience to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Tuscan countryside.


Exclusive access to 18th century Villa and Estate with swimming pool, bath towel and pool equipment are provided, Tour of wine production facilities. 

Plant your Tree

Choose your tree,
..We will plant the seed with you during your stay!
Follow its story
..where over time we will tell you how the tree is growing 
You will contribute to make the planet greener
..As your tree grows, it will absorb CO2, protect the soil and biodiversity..